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People skills is a broad term describing one’s ability to effectively interact with others. Someone with strong people skills likely has high emotional intelligence and a solid understanding of their behavioral style (DISC). They are good listeners and provide a warm, inviting space for others to enter into with them. People skills are sometimes overlooked in favor of technical skills, however it is people skills that are most important in long-term success. Technical skills are really just a pre-requisite, whereas a person’s people skills are more predictive of their success and ability to get along with others.

1 05, 2016

Emotional Intelligence: What is EQ and why does it matter?

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1. Emotional Intelligence ("EQ") Defined Emotional Intelligence: The ability to sense, understand and effectively apply the power of emotions to facilitate high levels of productivity, communication, and collaboration. Two Dimensions of Emotional Intelligence: Intrapersonal EQ v. Interpersonal EQ Click the image to expand. Emotional intelligence is divided into two subcategories: Intrapersonal EQ and Interpersonal EQ. Intrapersonal EQ is a combined measure of your self-awareness, [...]

28 03, 2016

How to deal with difficult employees

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How to deal with difficult employees Practically every manager has dealt with having one or more difficult employees on the team. Handling the problems created by difficult people is no fun task. Problematic employees can create a negative working environment. Also, the behavior of one bad apple can spread to the rest of the crew [...]

29 02, 2016

15 Career Aptitude Tests To Boost Your Job Hunt

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A career aptitude test helps you find the perfect job It's no surprise that a lot of job seekers are starting to take their job search to the next level by taking career aptitude tests. A career aptitude test is a quiz or assessment which helps job seekers with their job search. These days, many employers use pre-employment [...]

15 02, 2016

DISC – Leadership skills for the High-C

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Leadership skills from a High-C, as assessed from a DISC assessment, comes from a mix of having a great analytical mind, precision and accuracy in planning and execution, and diplomacy. As we have described before, the "C" in DISC stands for "compliance" or "conscientious." The word "compliance" isn't usually associated with leadership, but the term [...]

8 02, 2016

DISC – Leadership skills for the High-S

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The High-S: a hidden leader Leadership skills for the High-S is hardly obvious. After all, S stands for "Steady" while the other behavioral types, D for "Dominant" and I for "Influencer," seem like a better DISC profile to match a leader. The truth is, the High-S, who is known for being passive, inactive, and predictable, [...]

1 02, 2016

DISC – Leadership skills for the High-I

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High-I Leadership The High-I stands for "influencer" as explained in detail in our in-depth look at each personal behavioral style as determined in a DISC assessment. The measurement of this behavioral style determines how a person interacts and influences others to share a point of view. High-I characteristics and be a part of the personality [...]

25 01, 2016

DISC – Leadership skills for the High-D

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The High-D stands for “Dominant” as explained in detail in one of our previous posts. It is one of the four types of behavioral styles that can be identified in a DISC assessment. Specifically, measuring the magnitude of this trait in a person requires looking into how one approaches and responds to challenges and exercises [...]