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Five Sciences Capture the Whole Person

When assessing talent, we look at an array of factors spanning across five sciences. Looking at the bulls eye diagram to the left, our five sciences comprise a significant chunk of a person’s total makeup. Specifically, we can accurately measure and evaluate:

  1. Behavior.
  2. Acumen.
  3. Personal Skills.
  4. Motivators.
  5. Emotional Intelligence.

By understanding as much of the “whole person” as we can (about ourselves and others), we can select, lead, and engage others effectively – catalyzing the highest levels of collaboration and productivity.

The Five Sciences Explained

The Value of Five Sciences

Learn how our five sciences can position your organization and its talent for long-term success.

Superior Selection

When using the five sciences in combination with our patented job benchmarking process, your hiring confidence jumps from the low 50% range upwards of 90%. This is possible due to more than three decades of research, analysis of over 26 million data points, and four U.S. patents awarded for our systems and processes. What this means is higher retention, reduced turnover cost, happy employees, and a more productive workplace for everyone.

Hiring Confidence WITH Five Sciences 93%
Without Five Sciences 51%
Measurable Performance Factors
Personal Bias
Personalized Coaching Reports
Standardized Validated System

Powerful Coaching

When dealing with people, it pays to be objective. This is why we offer a proven, validated system for performance management. Void of personal bias, our assessment tools provide you with standardized, accurate results; in-depth personalized coaching reports; and clear strategies for selection and development. With more than 100 measurable performance factors, you are empowered to efficiently focus on the exact areas needing attention.

Unparalleled Depth and Accuracy

You will not find more accurate, in-depth performance evaluation tools on the marketplace today. This is more than a marketing statement, because as we know you will arrive at the same conclusion upon reviewing the facts. When we formed ThinkPlanLaunch, we could have chosen any assessment provider in the world. We chose TTI Success Insights after a careful review of all options, because they were the clear leader in workplace performance research.

View the Five Sciences in Action

Below we have included two sample assessment reports for your review. Between the two reports, you will find all five sciences showcased within.