Strategic Partners

We are proud to announce our strategic partnerships with TTI Success Insights and Communication Works, Inc.

Through these partnerships, we bring you the most innovative performance enhancement tools, decades of combined industry experience, and a powerful support team with more than a dozen consultants ready to assist your organization.

Read more about our partnerships below. If you’re interested in becoming a partner of ThinkPlanLaunch, please submit your inquiry on our contact page.

TTI Success Insights

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TTI Success Insights is the worldwide leader in performance assessment research for workplace development. They were founded in 1984 as Target Training International, Ltd., and went onto create TTI Performance Systems, Ltd. in 1990. Their exclusive focus over the past three decades has been the research and development of superior performance assessment and enhancement tools. With their rapid growth across the world and buy-in from companies of all sizes, their products and processes have stood the test of time and continue to benefit organizations and business leaders across the globe.

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Quick Facts

      • TTI Success Insights holds multiple patents on their products and processes.
      • Their assessment products have been translated into 40 languages and are used in 90+ countries around the world.
      • Over 100,000 companies have used TTI’s products for performance enhancement over the past 3 decades, including much of the Fortune 500.
      • More than 20,000,000 individual assessments have been taken and analyzed to date.
      • They were the first company in the world to computerize (and make available online) the DISC behaviors assessment beginning in the 1980’s.
      • TTI Success Insights is unique in that continually innovates and re-validates their assessment products, relying on unbiased third party firms for statistical analysis and validation.
      • Their 10,000 sq. ft. headquarters in Phoenix, AZ is staffed with a large team of experienced researchers and friendly support staff.

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Communication Works, Inc.

Communication works inc, thinkplanlaunch, human resources consulting, talent management, management consulting, talent assessments, hiring assessments

Communication Works, Inc. was founded by CEO Mindy Bortness in 2002. Since then, Mindy has coached and consulted with organizations in the fields of insurance, law, retail, real estate, finance, tech, entertainment, health care, veterinary care, staffing, marketing and more.

Results clients have achieved include 0% turnover for 10 months for a national retail chain. Another national retailer lowered turnover from 65% to 25% within 12 months. A regional law firm brought in Mindy to coach their managing partner through a major merger. One client in the staffing space has measurably increased competencies in three leadership roles within the first six months of using the job benchmarking system.

We are proud to announce Mindy as a strategic partner and consultant on our team at ThinkPlanLaunch. Her expertise and experience are valuable to our mission and strengthen our offerings.

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A Few Happy Clients

  • Barger Law Group
  • California State Bar Association
  • Luce Forward (now McKenna Long)
  • Copylink
  • IBM
  • Kineticom
  • Trident Technologies, Inc
  • Websense
  • Freedom Innovations, Inc.
  • Carson Wealth
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Humana
  • State Farm
  • Better Business Bureau
  • FOX 6
  • KGTV-Channel 10
  • McKinney Advisory Group
  • University of San Diego
  • Integrated Textile Solutions