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Careers at ThinkPlanLaunch

Are you interested in joining our world-class team of consultants or securing a fun, rewarding support role within our company? We welcome you to apply today for any of the openings listed below.

As you might imagine, our hiring process is very selective – after all, employee selection is one of our core solutions. Please feel encouraged, though, knowing we will only move forward with the process if we know the fit is excellent.

This is what good selection policies should strive for to begin with – great job fits that ensure employees are happy and well-suited to their new roles.

Our Hiring Process

Custom job benchmarks are created for each open position to ensure an excellent match between the job and applicant. This is where we begin the hiring process, since it is critical to understand the key accountabilities of the position before seeking to match someone to it. All of our benchmarking tools and process are compliant with EEOC and OFCCP regulations.
The next step is to evaluate all job applicants against the previously established benchmark, being sure to also filter for other relevant criteria such as employment experience, relevant skills, and education. Once an ideal candidate is interviewed and offered a position, we say the applicant has been ‘selected.’
Onboarding is an incredibly important part of the new hire process at every organization. It should ensure new employees are provided adequate training and mentoring, have a chance to form meaningful relationships with their co-workers, and develop buy-in into the mission and purpose of the company.

Who You Are

Excellent Communications Skills 90
Independently Motivated 95
Positive Attitude 100

Current Job Openings

Join Our Team

Steven Fies
Steven FiesPresident
Steve co-founded ThinkPlanLaunch in 2014 and oversees the company’s sales, operations, and human resources matters, in addition to serving his clients.
Thomas Arthur
Thomas ArthurExecutive Director
Thomas co-founded ThinkPlanLaunch in 2014 and oversees the company’s finances, legal affairs, and marketing strategy, in addition to serving his clients.
Mindy Bortness
Mindy BortnessIndependent Consultant
Mindy and Steve have worked together since 2008. She is an independent consultant and strategic partner of the firm.

We care about your success. When you become a part of our team, it is our mission to provide you with a stellar onboarding process, optimal training, and mentoring from our leaders. Feel free to contact us with any questions.