12 Driving Forces™

Intrinsic motivation is measured by your 12 Driving Forces™ assessment. It answers the question, “What gets you out of bed in the morning?” and WHY do you do the things you do?”

At the individual level, this information tells you what activities foster engagement and motivation (versus activities that cause conflict, deplete energy, and lead to poor productivity). Armed with this knowledge, you can raise your productivity by aligning your work with your intrinsic motivators.

At the management level, knowing a person’s intrinsic motivators unlocks effective, purpose-driven communication with them. It allows you to expertly manage, motivate, and delegate by appealing to their intrinsic motivators – and it works, because you are speaking their language.

Finally, at the human resources level this information is critical for proper job placement – making good hires. People disengage and turn over when their work isn’t aligned with their intrinsic motivators. By contrast, they become top performers when their work is properly aligned.

Key facts in < 60 seconds.

  • Accurately measures your source(s) of intrinsic motivation.
  • Elevates motivation, focus, and attitude.
  • Reveals the activities, types of work, and job roles that foster your highest motivation, lowest motivation, and indifferent motivation.
  • Instantly generates your 20+ page personal development plan
  • Driving Forces™ tells you WHY you take action and make decisions.
  • Alignment vital for personal productivity, proper job placement in hiring, and managing/motivating others.

12 Driving Forces™ in Action

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