We Believe in Smart Performance

We use scientifically-validated programs to help individuals and teams achieve peak performance. Our offerings are Ph.D-designed, peer-reviewed, and proven in the marketplace over the past 35 years. Join 30 million people and 100,000 companies across the globe who are getting ahead with our solutions. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Your Proven Path to Peak Performance

Leverage a scientifically proven system to accurately measure and improve performance, refined over 35 years by leading Ph.D psychologists, neuroscientists, and workplace performance experts.

1. Measure Performance

Measure 100+ Performance Factors

Discover your strengths and weaknesses with the most accurate assessment tools available today, used by more than 30 million people around the globe.

2. Maximize Performance

Get Your Personalized Development Plan

We all have unique talents, skills, and training needs. Leverage our patented, EEOC-approved process to identify the right tools for the right person, at the right time.

3. Hire For Performance

Achieve 93% Hiring Accuracy

Thousands of companies screen job applicants with our tools to ensure a proper job fit. You too can hire the right people and reduce turnover with our patented system.

Your Performance Toolbox

Join 100,000 companies around the globe who use our professional assessment tools. Accurately measure over one-hundred critical performance factors, then receive detailed reports showing you exactly how and where to improve.

Hours of Research

Our Tools Have Been Featured In:

You Deserve Top Performers

We don’t stop at training current employees; we keep going. You deserve top performers with every new hire you make. Leverage our patented job benchmarking process to achieve 93% hiring confidence with every new hire. Discover the right interview questions to ask and eliminate bias from your hiring process – once and for all.

If the job could talk, what would it say?

“ThinkPlanLaunch has made my business more efficient, productive, and powerful.”

“As a marketing consultant working closely with others, it’s absolutely essential that I communicate effectively. When you are aware of your communication styles and how to be flexible, you can vastly improve your business relationships, networks, and even contract negotiations.

Steve helped with all the above. He provided detailed reports and a personalized consulting process, ensuring I understood exactly how to influence my business performance. ThinkPlanLaunch has made my business more efficient, productive, and powerful.”

Jordan ArbuckleSmart Inbound Online Marketing Agency

“I am so glad I decided to work with ThinkPlanLaunch. The results from my assessment were detailed and accurate, and the insights gained via the coaching process have been immensely valuable to me.”
Christina Willner, Amazing Marvin
“ThinkPlanLaunch gives you a window into the unique motivators of your team members, allowing leaders to ensure the right people are in the right positions!”

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