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DISC is widely known and used for training and development around the world. Did you know our strategic partner, TTI Success Insights, was the first company to ever computerize the DISC assessment back in the 1980’s? Since then, they have remained the leader in workplace performance research over the past three decades.

Not all DISC tests are created equal. Our DISC assessment provides results based on 384 profiles derived from 19,000 combinations. This yields an incredibly high level of accuracy that has stood the test of time – nearly 30 million individuals and managers have taken our DISC assessment since its inception. Rigorous statistical analyses have shown our DISC assessment is the most accurate and reliable in the industry.

Your DISC assessment comes in many flavors: executive, management, sales, customer service, interview insights, and personal.

Key facts in < 60 seconds.

  • Most accurate, extensive DISC assessment on the market today.
  • Benchmarks an incredible 384 profiles from 19,000 possible results*.
  • Trains for improved communication, productivity, and time management.
  • Helps salespeople close more deals by recognizing buying styles.
  • Instantly generates your 20+ page personal development plan.
  • DISC tells you HOW you respond to our environment.

*Most DISC and Myers-Briggs tests only generate 16 profiles, and are not EEOC-approved for corporate use.

Our Best-Selling DISC Assessment in Action

Shown below as part of our super-charged Talent Insights® assessment.

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