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27 05, 2016

Four Reasons HR Professionals Aren’t Taken Seriously

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HR Professionals Aren't Always Taken Seriously Human Resources (HR) professionals aren't always taken seriously. Whether it's their boss (usually an executive), employees, or even job applicants - sometimes HR professionals are viewed as paper-pushers with little technical experience or ability. But why? We'll explore this common misconception in more detail throughout this article. We are HR professionals [...]

2 05, 2016

Improve Job Security to Boost Performance

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Job security is something that employees and unemployed people deal with at least once in their life. For the vast majority of people, low job security is very stressful. Not surprisingly, being dismissed is one of the most stressful events in one's life according to the Holmes-Rahe Stress Life Stress Inventory which ranks events or conditions based [...]

25 04, 2016

Dishonesty is not the Best Policy

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Thousands of reports, results, memos, emails, and phone calls fly throughout the office on any given day and chances are dishonesty can be present in a tiny fraction of these correspondences. We've recently discussed about sociopaths being present in the workplace but they aren't the only ones to be guilty of being dishonest. In fact, there is [...]

11 04, 2016

How to deal with a sociopath at work

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How to deal with a sociopath at work Sociopaths are definitely in your workplace right now. They have invaded every profession, industry, and sector. There is a good chance that you are working with one now. If you have already identified someone who may be a sociopath, you are dealing with someone who might cause [...]

7 03, 2016

7 Traits of High Performing Teams

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7 Traits of High Performing Teams High Performing Teams are Purpose Built High performing teams aren't built in a day. It takes a lot of effort to build one from scratch. In this article we explore the 7 traits of high performing teams so that you can start to form your own. By building a top [...]

30 11, 2015

Building your new team

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Here is the situation. Your organization is growing rapidly and despite all the efforts to squeeze extra productivity out of the current workforce, you need to expand your capabilities and output. Building a new team from scratch is a monumental task full of challenges and unknown variables. There are many processes involved in building a [...]

20 11, 2015

How to Improve Employee Retention

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When we talk about employee retention, we're talking about the specific length of time a given employee (or group of employees) stays in their job. Here are some facts: Average annual turnover across all industries was 15.7% in 2014. Employee turnover has been gradually increasing every year since 2011. The American Management Association (AMA) estimates the [...]