Our Products

Our products represent the engine we use to drive progress in your organization. With a powerful combination of cutting-edge software, proven assessment tools, and consultative offerings, we are able to deliver with objectivity and precision.

Simply put, it is easier to ‘move the needle’ when guesswork is eliminated and facts, data, and several decades of statistically validated research are instead used to guide critical processes.

Learn more about Talent Management Plus™, our complete applicant tracking system, plus our range of performance diagnostic tools below.

Talent Management Plus™

The only fully-integrated applicant tracking and diagnostic system on the market.

Minimize turnover costs and hiring errors.

Talent Management Plus™ (TMP) gives you dynamic control over the employee selection process by incorporating our assessment tools and products into its easy-to-use interface.

Assessment Tools

Performance assessment tools that have withstood three decades of research and validation.

Join 100,000+ companies.

That’s right! Over 100,000 companies and 20,000,000 individuals have utilized our performance assessment products over the past three decades, because they work.


Individual and team coaching, certification programs, workshops, and auditing services.

Let's build a strong relationship.

Our experienced team of consultants excels at listening and understanding the unique needs of your organization, enabling us to make a strong impact using the right tools.

Our Products Reduce Your Costs and Boost Performance

Get the results you deserve using objective, fact-driven tools and processes to enhance selection, leadership, and engagement throughout every level of your organization.

Talent Management Plus™ (TMP)

  • Fully-integrated applicant tracking and diagnostic system
  • Incorporates assessment tools into the application process
  • Minimizes hiring errors and reduces turnover costs
  • Easy to use and learn, plus no software to install


Industry-Leading Performance Enhancement Tools

With over 100,000+ companies and 20,000,000 users, our assessment tools are the most complete and trusted performance enhancement tools on the market.



Coaching, Workshops, and More

Our consultative offerings include coaching, workshops, certification, and auditing services to enable and empower your organization and its most valuable asset – its people.

  • Coaching and workshops facilitate easy understanding and implementation of key insights
  • Certification programs enable deeper integration of our processes