Talent Insights®

Our Talent Insights® assessment examines the behaviors individuals bring to the job and the motivators that drive them. In addition, this report blends behaviors and motivators together in an integrated section, which shows important insights coming from the collective “how” and the “why” of an individual’s actions. These reports consist of two sciences: DISC and Driving Forces™.

The DISC Behaviors section of the report is designed to help you attain a greater knowledge of yourself as well as others. The ability to interact effectively with people often spells the difference between success and failure in your work and personal life. The Driving Forces™ section of the report provides information on the why of your actions, which with application and coaching, can tremendously impact your work performance and valuing of life.

Key facts in < 60 seconds.

  • Combines DISC + Driving Forces™.
  • Trains for improved communication, productivity, and motivation.
  • Instantly generates your 40+ page personal development plan.
  • DISC tells you HOW you respond to our environment.
  • Driving Forces™ tells you WHY (intrinsic motivation).

Talent Insights® in Action

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