1-on-1 Coaching

Coaching is one the most powerful ways to grow and advance as an individual. It provides a safe space for growth, learning, and asking important questions, and facilitates greater accountability to key milestones and goals.

The coaching process is also necessary to properly debrief our assessment reports, ensure comprehension, and help guide implementation on both a personal and organizational level.  We bring excellent listening and communication skills to the table to ensure your experience is valuable, enjoyable, and productive.

Workplace Applications

Our Coaching Services in Action

Most of us can remember one key coach or mentor who made a significant impact in our life. In fact, many of us probably have a list including more than one such person who helped us grow, face a challenge, or find greater meaning in our lives. They may have passed on a simple but powerful life lesson, or caused a paradigm shift that has forever helped us become who we are today.

At ThinkPlanLaunch, our consultants all strive to deliver a powerful impact when working with you and your organization. We prioritize listening and understanding what it is you need from us, and we tailor our services to your organization so we can be effective, efficient, and well-received.

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