Employee Selection

Selection is the most critical part of your organization’s employee life cycle. An abundance of research shows the average cost of turnover is 2-3x an employee’s annual salary, and we help you avoid this needless cost by ensuring the right people are hired the first time.

We employ a patented job benchmarking process, an industry-leading applicant tracking and diagnostic SaaS system, and on-boarding processes customized to your organization. These tools and processes systematically address all three phases of the selection process – including the right interview questions to ask – and you wind up with the best players on your team.

Selection Software

Talent Management Plus lets you take full control of your hiring process. This all-in-one SaaS solution combines our advanced diagnostic tools with a complete, full-featured applicant tracking system.

Job Benchmarking

Reduce needless turnover costs and maximize your employee retention by employing our patented job benchmarking process, guaranteed to result in better hiring practices and more productive teams.

Onboarding Services

Our onboarding processes are designed to ensure a smooth transition and minimize employee “ramp-up” time, and are fully customized to your organization and its many unique positions.

Optimize Your ROI on Human Capital: