Talent Management Plus™

Reduce your turnover costs and minimize hiring errors with Talent Management Plus™ (TMP).

TMP is a ground-breaking new technology that allows your organization to dynamically track and assess its job applicants.

Unlike other applicant tracking systems, TMP integrates our patented job benchmarking process under the hood, and uses our proven performance diagnostic tools to accurately evaluate job fit for all candidates.

TMP is currently the only software on the market with the ability to predict success at this level of depth, thanks to our exclusive four-factor candidate evaluation system.

Powerful features make your life easier.

Simplify your hiring process with our objective, organized system for talent selection.

Hire with a higher degree of confidence.

Leverage the power of a dynamic system and our patented job benchmarking process today.

“Hired for skill, fired for behavior…”

Never again.

Improve retention and productivity with our four-factor candidate evaluation process, which allows you to look at behavior and three more success prediction factors before the hire is ever made – automatically within Talent Management Plus™.


HOW does he/she work?

HOW does he/she work?

How do you tell if an applicant truly is detail oriented? Persuasive enough to sell? A natural go-getter? Our screening and assessment tools make it possible to get to the bottom of questions like this before you ever schedule an interview.


WHY will they work?

WHY will they work?

People do things for their reasons, not yours, and they perform their best when work objectives are aligned with personal goals. Get a handle on these critical factors before selection occurs to ensure a great long-term fit and maximize engagement.


CAN they do the work?

CAN they do the work?

Competencies are transferable job skills that predict success in a given position with great accuracy. We measure 23 skills including decision-making, leadership, conflict management, empathy, self-management, interpersonal skills, creativity, planning and more.


HOW does he/she think?

HOW does he/she think?

Our tools make it possible to measure individual acumen during the selection process. A key predictor of performance ability, our acumen assessment measures understanding of others, practical thinking, systems judgment, sense of self, role awareness, and self-direction.

Relax, we have you covered.

Talent Management Plus™ is lightweight, secure, and compliant – because it matters.